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Sosure DVD Productions is an industry leader in high quality, natural wedding videography. The hand-picked team of dedicated videographers and editors service weddings of all sizes throughout Australia. The approach to filming is creative yet candid, allowing events to unfold naturally in front of the lens. The wedding DVD editing is equally important - emotive cutting without 'unnecessary effects' is the key. To ensure nothing is missed, a complete backup camera, microphone and lighting kit is brought along to every wedding. Several software platforms are used to edit and author the finished wedding DVD.

Software and hardware is updated regularly to stay at the cutting-edge and ensure the highest possible quality. Only the highest-grade DVDs are used to archive your wedding day for the future.

Our videography is sensitive to your style, and creatively captures the elegance and beauty of your big day with vision and production excellence.


We have a variety of wedding packages available to suit your budget. Contact us now to find out how we can customize a package to suit your particular needs.

Each package includes the following:

Filming: DVD Productions by Sosure use professional Cameras, Audio and Lighting systems to make sure we capture the best possible footage.

Editing: We use professional editing systems with the latest software packages to ensure a quality production.

DVD Menu: We customise your wedding DVD with a unique menu to suit the occasion.

DVD Package: Each DVD label is custom designed and printed directly to the disc to match your wedding. Your accompanying box is designed to match both the wedding and the DVD. This gives your wedding package that unique finishing touch that compliments your wedding.

Photo Montage: A photo montage consisting of approx. 11 photos can be placed at the beginning of all packages. This can either be a series of progressive photos from childhood to adulthood or couples. A progressive compilation of both is a great choice.

Music: We will use your choice of music to be included in the DVD. We only ask that you provide the songs prior to the wedding. That way you will get the correct version of your favorite music. Please provide a minimum of 30 minutes of music (8-12 tracks).

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