Sosure DVD:

Sosure DVD Productions is an innovative studio specialising in creating beautiful wedding DVDs for discerning clients within Australia and Overseas.



Where it all began... Sony video Camera

As a family oriented business, your special day becomes our special day. Instead of making a Hollywood style production, we keep it personal by shooting naturally for that close family feeling.

With over 30 years of experience, we are now shooting the Sons & Daughters of brides we filmed from the 80's.

We now have a fresh new approach to our packages. In keeping up to date with technology, we film and edit in the latest digital format. Depending on the package chosen, we have up to 3 cameras available. This ensures the maximum audio & visual quality in the final product.

We will always give the best possible results working within limitations of footage, owing to the time given to get from one location to another. We will endeavor to capture all aspects of your wedding day that are possible and sometimes even the seemingly impossible.

We believe your wedding DVD should be a item of beauty and forever delight the senses.

We strive to delight!

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